How To Clean Dentures

​From the day you’re fitted with your new dentures it’s a great idea to follow this easy cleaning routine at least twice a day, just as you would with natural teeth. 

Twice A Day, Everyday

Brush twice a day

Use a sonic cleanser once a day

Dentures Can & Do Break

Please take extra care when cleaning your dentures!

Take Dentures Out To Clean

Clean your mouth, gums and remaining natural teeth


The Importance Of Good Denture Hygiene


As a denture wearer you know how vital your dentures are to your life. It is important that all denture wearers understand the role that daily, proper oral hygiene plays in denture appearance and overall oral health. As well as regular denture maintenance  it is perhaps the single most important aspect of wearing dentures.


Dentures are in almost constant use 24 hours a day. They have to survive in one to the bodies most hostile environments and are subject to biological acids, bacteria, heat and cold and have to cope with constant chewing forces equivalent to 5 kg in weight. 


Add to this the amazing difference correctly made dentures can make to your appearance, confidence, social life and everyday function; put simply, modern dentures are amazing and deserve the best care and maintenance possible if they are to provide long lasting performance and continue to look their best. 

A daily cleansing routine is critical in preventing the accumulation of plaque, bacteria and calculus build-up on denture surfaces, which can lead to yeast infections, irritation of oral tissues. denture odor, bad breath and an unsightly appearance.


This is particularly important if you wear a partial denture to remove this biological build-up from both denture and natural teeth on a daily basis to reduce the chance of developing new decay resulting in further loss of remaining natural teeth.

Twice A Day Denture Cleaning Routine

  • Whether you wear full or partial dentures, always remove your dentures from your mouth before cleaning


  • Hold your dentures between your fingers, not a cupped hand and clean your denture over a basin of warm water or folded bathroom towel to cushion the impact should a drop occur

  • Using a good quality, medium bristle, double sided denture brush with both long and short bristles to gently remove any debris and plaque that has collected on the surfaces of the denture, pay particular attention to the fitting or underside of the denture. If you wear a partial denture, ensure you clean the parts of the denture that contact your natural teeth very well to remove any build up of plaque in these areas.

  • To clean between the small spaces of the teeth employ a gentle tapping motion with the denture brush

  • Brushing alone is not enough. For a more thorough, in-depth clean, use a good proprietary denture cleaning product, such as Renew Professional Strength Denture Cleaner, once a day as directed. Re-brush and thoroughly rinse your dentures before placing back in the mouth

  •  Using a sonic denture bath with Renew cleansing solution will provide better results by forcing the solution into micro crevices in the denture that brushing and soaking cannot reach, ensuring  hygienically clean dentures,​ in less time.

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Do's & Dont's When Cleaning Dentures 


  • DO clean your dentures at least twice a day, preferably after each meal


  • NEVER clean your dentures over a hard surface like a tiled floor or empty basin


  • AVOID a harsh scrubbing action as this may adversely wear the polished surface of the denture


  • NEVER scrape the denture with sharp objects or nail files; this will only lead to more intense staining of the denture or injury


  • NEVER use household cleaning products; this can be dangerous to your health and will shorten the life of the denture


  • ALWAYS Remove your dentures from your mouth to clean them effectively


  • WHEN not wearing your dentures; keep them in a glass of warm water with half a teaspoon of table salt to inhibit the growth of bacteria