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Welcome to Denture Cleaner.co.uk the online shop of Yorkshire based denture experts Smile Denture Clinics. As professional Clinical Dental Technicians we're passionate about dentures and helping our patients maintain their denture health and hygiene.

All dentures can stain over time; this is a simple fact of life, however, the correct cleansing and maintenance of your dentures is one of the most important aspects of a healthy, fully functioning mouth and dentures. It makes absolute sense to keep your dentures in as good condition as you can, after all the mouth is the second area of the face that people look at when meeting you, so you naturally would want to present a bright, healthy, welcoming smile to the world.


With decades of denture design experience, making and fitting 1000's of high quality denture solutions to our patients, we're constantly asked "what's the best denture cleaner?" and 'what's the best way to clean dentures?'... Over the years we have seen and tried just about every denture cleaning product available. The answer to those questions is simple, the products we recommend to our patients and feature in our shop. They do what they say on the tin!; we have found that these denture cleaning products consistently offer great performance and are easy to use as a daily denture cleansing routine. 


So, if you're looking for a denture cleaner that's more powerful than shop bought denture cleaners, easy to use at home and professionally recommended, head over to the shop and give them a go, we're sure you'll like the results